Impeccable Safety Record

We are certified in AS/NZS 4801 - the Australian Standard and New Zealand Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. Our staff are continually trained and updated in the latest safety procedures; and our systems of work are fully documented and stringently followed to ensure a safe working environment.

Comprehensive insurance means peace of mind.

We have comprehensive vehicle insurance on all Vacuum Trucks and units, work cover Queensland policy and a Public Liability Policy.


Environmental management is integral to our business. Certified in ISO 14001, we are fully compliant with all relevant legislation, applicable regulations, codes of practice and voluntary agreements and guidelines.

Vacuum Excavation Australia is committed to:

  • Achieving the highest standards of environmental care
  • Minimizing adverse environmental impact in all our work
  • Ensuring all management, staff and suppliers are fully aware of (and follow) our Environmental policy and procedures.
  • Providing employees and customers with relevant information about the environmental impact of our services
  • Maintaining open and constructive communication with Government, industry bodies, and the community and contributing to the development of national policies and regulations.
  • Setting and regularly reviewing improvement targets appropriate to the nature and scale of environmental impacts.
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