Organisational Capabilities

We are a highly reputable firm with an impeccable track record of safety and exceeding client’s expectations which includes maintaining, servicing and meeting all operational demands as required.

Vacuum Excavation Australia is committed to providing the highest quality service to our customers and we achieve this through the implementation of our Integrated Management System which conforms to ISO9001 for Quality, AS/ NZS 4801 for Safety and ISO14001 for the Environment.

Vacuum Excavation Australia is compliant with the National Code of Practice for the Construction industry.


Did You Know? Vacuum Excavation has a dedicated team on call for 24/7 emergencies.


We have a range of vehicles available for hire including 3m3, 6m3, 9m3, 4x4 (4 wheel drive) Vacuum Hydro Excavation Units and Drain Cleaning Units.  All units are equipped with fixed and portable flood lighting, UHF radios, mobile phones and GPS navigation equipment. Vacuum Excavation Australia is capable of performing the following work and more:


Non destructive digging/ hydro excavation/ Potholing

  • Underground service locating including but not limited to gas, water and telecommunications
  • Post, bollard, sign post, rag bolt, guardrail holes excavation
  • Jet rodding and conduit cleaning
  • Cleaning pits and gully boxes
  • Excavating in confined and limit access areas
  • Trenching
  • Tree root barrier
  • Under driveway excavating
Drain Cleaning / Water Recycling
  • Jet and Clean drains, pits and pipes whilst simultaneously vacuuming debris.
  • Powerful jetting equipment can remove grease, silt and scale and blast away incrustation that builds up to restrict flow within drain and storm water lines.
  • Cleaning pits and gully boxes
  • Storm water culvert cleaning
Confined Space
  • Vacuum Excavation Australia has the required expertise, experience and certified staff to perform confined space entries for cleaning, inspecting and maintenance
  • Through training and certification, Vacuum Excavation ensures that these potentially dangerous tasks are undertaken safely and in line with OH&S procedures and regulations.
High Pressure Cleaning
  • High Pressure Cleaning is suitable for commercial and industrial cleaning, surface preparation and surface restoration
  • Pressurised water is used to clean the surface, allowing unwanted material to be removed without the use of any chemicals.
  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Degreasing equipment
  • Concrete/ pavement cleaning
Vacuum Loading
  • Vacuum loading solutions are ideal for a range of materials including sand, grain, woodchips, cement, gravel, dirt, dust, lime and slurries.
  • Vacuum loading of wet and dry materials
  • Variety of different sized units to suit all jobs

“All of our staff receive ongoing training to ensure their ability to perform all work in a way that does not adversely impact on themselves, others or the environment.”

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